Online trading has gained a great deal of prominence in the last couple of years. Traders, big and small, are acknowledging the numerous benefits of relying on a trusted and regulated broker, which is precisely why many of them have already created an account with their preferred online forex brokers. However, when it comes to finalizing a broker, you must take a number of factors into account. For instance, the broker must provide an agile and user-friendly trading platform to its clients. Also, the broker must provide tight spreads, decent leverage and a whole lot of easy to use and comprehend features that make trading both quick and convenient for their clients. However, this is not as simple as it sounds.

A lot of investment, technology and market analysis goes into creating a successful online trading platform, which is precisely why one cannot blindly rely on just any online broker. As a trader, you need to collate some background details and information in addition to conducting an extensive research about the broker. It is also equally important to open a demo account with the broker as that provides you with a better understanding about their services, products and other offerings. This is exactly where you need the services and expert advice of an experienced or professional trader. Someone who is experienced enough to dig into the broker’s offerings and capable enough to determine whether they meet a trader’s expectations or not. This is one of the major reasons why we decided to conduct a review of the AxiTrader. During the review process, we gathered several facts and figures that traders around the world must take into account before opening an account with the broker.

Established in the year 2008, AxiTrader is an Australia based ECN broker situated in Sydney. As an ASIC regulated firm, AxiTrader offers excellent support and services to its clients. During the review procedure, our expert traders also discovered that the company has won several awards and accolades from financial organizations and institutions across the globe. Also, unlike other brokers, AxiTrader is open and accessible by traders from the U.S as well. In U.S.,the broker operates through its subsidiary -the AxiTrader USA. As far as trading of assets is concerned, the broker is quite well placed, as it offers its clients with several trading options in the form of silver, gold, indices, CFDs and oil.

However, these facts set aside, the best way in which you can find out whether the broker is worth your time or not is by opening an account with them. Almost every broker today has an impressive looking website with excellent trading features and options. But when it comes down to trading, their platform is not as quick or user-friendly as portrayed by them. Additionally, many of them forget to offer basic support during emergency or crisis hours. Remember, when you initiate a transaction or even if you intend to close one, you may have several questions running at the back of your mind.

As a result, you would want your broker to offer instant and appropriate answers to all your queries. This, however, is possible only if the online trading firm believes in delivering excellent quality services and an effective and trusted trading platform. Here, check out our review about AxiTrader and find out why their trading platform is regarded as one of the best in the industry. We reviewed the broker’s performance in six different categories and discovered that the broker fairs quite well in each of them. For further details and information, go through our review below.

Trading Platforms

Trading platform is without doubt one of the biggest concerns of a trader when it comes to picking an online forex broker. An easy to use, simple, secure and feature rich trading platform certainly goes a long way in meeting the trading requirements of a trader and helps him/her in taking accurate and profitable decisions.

In AxiTrader’s case, the trader offers the immensely popular and user friendly MT4 trading platform. Their platform is also easily accessible through mobile phones. Below, find out more about the broker’s trading platform and software.

MetaTrader 4

AxiTrader offers the extremely popular MetaTrader 4 platform, which is capable of accommodating large volumes of trade. The broker also has the MT4 NexGen platform that further offers some of the most advanced and exciting features like mini-terminal, which allows traders to manage their money more accurately, exit and enter trades quickly and execute their trading orders conveniently. Additionally, traders can use the MT4 NexGen platform to import their desired news updates and feeds, follow popular traders on Twitter as well as go through an economic calendar that offers updates regarding industry news and events.

Mobile Apps

Let’s not forget the fact that most of the traders are either travelling or are always on the move on a daily basis. Hence, they may or may not get ample time to access their accounts through their desktops. Thus, it is crucial that brokers provide their trading platforms and features over mobile phones or smartphones too. This is one area where AxiTrader certainly does a good job. Their easy to use portal and its features are also available to Mac, iPhone and Android users. This is a win-win scenario for both the broker as well as their clients, as it allows them to keep a track of their transactions and market movements anytime, anywhere.

Apart from this, the broker also offers the Multi Account Manager (MAM) and Autochartist tools to traders across the globe. The Multi Account Manager Tool basically allows traders to conduct multiple trades using different accounts operating under one common account. The MAM feature is excellent for regulated operators who wish to enjoy real trading with a great deal of speed and convenience. On the other hand, the Autochartist has been specifically designed for the active traders. We found that the tool not only scans the trading market but also recognizes trading positions automatically, allowing traders to place quick and profitable trades on a regular basis. We even received alerts after enabling the feature in our demo account.

Aside to the above tools, the trader has yet another amazing feature for its clients, which is better known as the iMyfxbook Autotrade feature. This innovative and exciting feature essentially allows traders to copy trades of other successful or expert traders and place profitable trades. On the other hand, professional traders can also permit other traders to copy their transactions and positions and get paid as much as half a pip for every lot traded by them. This, without doubt, is a great option for traders who want to earn quick, consistent and huge profits through forex and commodity trading.

Trading Conditions

Yet another important aspect that must be taken into account at the time of picking a broker is the type of conditions they offer for trading. When we talk about trading conditions, we’re referring to things like spreads, leverage and speed of execution. While, there’s no denying the fact that the broker offers multiple platforms for trading, the only disadvantage with AxiTrader is that they provide no promotions and bonuses. Here, discover more about the kind of leverage and spreads you can expect from the broker.

In case of AxiTrader, you won’t get much leverage as it does not exceed more than 400:1. Thus, their platform may not be a great choice for traders who believe in taking high risks. On the contrary, new or fresh traders will find this kind of leverage satisfactory and very much in accordance with their online trading plans and strategies. So, if you’re an experienced or professional trader, then it is advisable that you look for other broker options.
Another huge advantage with AxiTrader is that they offer tight spreads. Simply put, Spread is essentially the difference between the Asking and the Bidding price in case of the quotes provided in the market. While, the asking price is used for buying an order, the bidding price is used for selling an order. Hence, tight spreads are always a good thing to have, especially for traders who’re looking to earn higher profits on a consistent basis.
Speed of Execution

With AxiTrader, you won’t have to worry around the speed of executing an order as they’re quite fast and efficient in it. The broker always strives hard to offer best results every time a trader executes an order through their platform. Being a fair, honest and professional broker, AxiTrader takes the trader’s account into interest and executes the orders exactly as per the client’s requirements.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Another key factor that must be taken into account at the time of selecting a broker is whether they have apt deposit and withdrawal mechanisms in place or not. Brokers around the world are good at accepting money but traders usually face a lot of problems when it comes to withdrawals. During our review process, we found that AxiTrader offered numerous options for depositing money into a trading account but the broker is not really efficient when it comes to withdrawal of funds.

In fact, the broker may take as many as five days to process a withdrawal and also charges commissions to the tune of 15-25 dollars from traders with international banking accounts. Below, learn more about their deposit and withdrawal methods and procedures.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

When it comes to depositing money with AxiTrader, traders have the option of depositing money in different forex currencies including JPY, USD, EUR, AUD etc. Additionally, traders can also use services such as bank wire transfer, credit/debit card, MasterCard, MoneyBookers, Liberty Reserve, VISA Delta, JCB, Maestro, Wire Transfer to Lloyds, MasterPass and Neteller for depositing funds into their accounts. In fact, AxiTrader also offer broker to broker fund transfer from a selected few companies.

However, individuals having an Australian bank account, aren’t charge any commissions but AxiTrader levies a commission of around 15- 25 dollars at the time of accepting funds from international traders.

Speed of Deposits/Withdrawals

It goes without saying that a broker must be adept at executing both deposit and withdrawal requests. However, this is one area where you’ll certainly want AxiTrader to be more prompt in terms of releasing funds. It must be noted that as a trader, you may require funds to meet your financial needs in different situation including during emergency or for paying your medical bills and expenses.

In fact, traders may also require funds for meeting their business and personal needs. In the case of AxiTrader, the broker processes deposits instantly. However they may take as many as five days or even more for processing withdrawal requests. Also, you won’t have to worry about the security of your funds as the broker does an excellent job of transferring trading funds safely and securely.

Financial Regulation

A reliable and efficient broker must adhere to strict financial regulations laid down by reputed regulatory bodies and authorities. In fact, regulation is one of the first points that must occur to a trader at the time of choosing a forex broker. While, regulation may not guarantee that your money is safe and secure, it does provide you with some peace of mind, as you will have someone to turn to for resolving your disputes and issues. A certified regulatory body or authority ensures that the broker complies with the necessary rules and regulations, thereby providing traders with the much desired opportunity for engaging in safe and secure trading.

Another huge advantage with AxiTrader is that the broker has won several accolades and awards for its performance and services. In 2014, AxiTrader was acknowledged for its strong brand presence and regarded as one of the trusted forex brokers in the industry for their excellent customer service and also because of their presence in Australia for over a decade. Our experts also found that AxiTrader is compliant with FCA and is one of the most trusted brands in the forex industry.

FCA Regulated

AxiTrader complies with FCA i.e. Financial Conduct Authority regulations. Thus, the broker is regulated and authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority of the UK (FCA Reference 509746). The FCA requires the broker to maintain adequate amount of capital in addition to offering outstanding risk management tools to its clients worldwide. The FCA also requires AxiTrader to maintain fair, transparent and honest trading processes on a consistent basis.

Segregated Funds

Traders must also find out whether the broker has adequate partnership with leading banking institutions around the world or not. This is yet another area where AxiTrader emerges as a winner for sure. The broker has strong association and bonds with the leading banking and financial institutions, which means there won’t be any issues with regard to safety of your funds. The broker transfers all the funds deposited by the clients in safe and segregated trust trading accounts with top-notch banks.

Hence, this clearly implies that the broker is required to follow stringent rules as well as regulations for handling money in addition to maintaining strict policies for operating different accounts. Our reviewers also found that the broker does not use funds for any other reasons or purposes other than maintaining margins for traders.

Customer Support

Customer support is another area where one requires fast and efficient services from the broker. As a trader, you may encounter several issues while placing trades or opening/closing trade positions. You may also have queries, concerns and grievances with regard to spreads, charts and forex signals or even the funds deposited and withdrawn from your trading accounts.

These questions and concerns are genuine and thus it is important to search for a broker that offers 100% customer satisfaction and support. With AxiTrader, you’ll enjoy excellent customer support and services. Our experts found that their customer support desk is open five days in a week and is adept at resolving issues amicably. Below, find out more about their customer support services.

24 Hour LiveChat
The broker offers 24 hours live chat feature to its clients, which means traders can raise their queries and concerns anytime, anywhere. Their customer support services are available in twelve different countries and in six unique languages and thus you won’t face much of a problem when it comes to getting your queries resolved.
Contact Mediums

AxiTrader has offices in London, Sydney, China and Dubai and thus traders can get in touch with their customer support desk twenty four hours in a day. In fact, they also offer MT4 support and assistance to their clients, thereby aiding them in enjoying smooth and hassle-free trading. Additionally, traders can also place a request for a call even if they’re not registered as a member with the broker. This is an excellent option for traders who want to learn more about forex trading or wish to tread cautiously before opening an account with the broker.

Besides, traders can also contact the customer support executives on the broker’s toll free number in Australia. Apart from this, the broker provides dedicated account managers to their clients who’re looking for personalized support and services for monitoring and managing their accounts. While, reviewing the broker’s customer support services, we discovered that they’re quite efficient in this particular area. It was easy to get in touch with their customer desk and acquire support from their customer support representative. In fact, during a live chat discussion we managed to get answers to all our queries and concerns regarding forex trading and account opening and operating.

Trading Education

Trading education may not play a direct or significant role in a trader’s performance but it definitely helps him/her in understanding the basics of online trading. Additionally, it also familiarizes traders with the key aspects, terminologies and strategies of trading, which may be extremely helpful to them in the long run. This is one aspect of online trading, which has gained a lot of popularity and prominence in the last few years. Brokers are realizing that in order to attract more number of traders, they must extend adequate trading knowledge and information to their clients on a regular basis. This is another aspect where AxiTrader certainly excels in terms of training and educating traders.

The AxiTrader Education Center is a haven for traders who’re new to trading and wish to garner more information around the basics of forex trading. Their forex trading course is available in a video format, which means traders have all the time and flexibility they need to go through it. The fact that these tutorials have been designed in twenty four unique languages makes life much easier for both the professional and newbie traders. Some of the topics covered in the tutorials include, greed and overcoming fear of loss, risk management, charts, support/resistance, technical analysis and what is slippage etc. However, the only area where the broker lacks or is not as efficient as others in the industry is market analysis. There is no blog or separate section wherein you can find expert reviews, news and updates around forex market or industry. Remember, as a trader, you may want to keep a track of the latest market developments and updates. However, with AxiTrader you won’t have that sort of advantage and you might want to check out other forex brokers in the industry.

In a nutshell, AxiTrader is a highly reliable and efficient broker. Their platform is ideal for traders who’re always on the lookout for excellent payouts. The broker offers tight spreads and quick transaction execution services. In addition to this, they have an excellent customer support desk in place, which implies that as a trader you won’t have to worry around getting your queries and concerns resolved quickly and amicably. Let’s also not forget the fact that the broker permits hedging and scalping through its platform, which clearly implies that trading with them is safe and profitable. Thus, if you’ve already tried other brokers in the industry and are not too happy with the results, then we would definitely recommend that you open an account with AxiTrader.