Trading is not as simple as it appears and hence when it comes to choosing an online forex broker, traders must tread cautiously. In fact the broker in question must have an efficient and advanced forex trading platform in place, for you to enjoy smooth, quick and hassle-free trading.

Pepperstone is one such forex broker that offers innovative and advanced forex trading solutions and services to traders across the globe. However, before arriving at any conclusion, we decided to review the broker’s platform, solutions and offerings based on six different parameters. We started by assessing their level of performance and also did some research to determine whether their platform was safe and secure for trading or not. Our trading experts also conducted an in-depth research to determine whether Pepperstone has what it takes to become a reputable forex broker. As a result, we created a demo account with the broker and tried to figure out how it actually worked. Our professional and experienced traders also performed a couple of transactions through the demo account, in an effort to understand whether they actually deliver what they promise or not.

Here, you’ll not only find our expert review and suggestions regarding the broker but will also get tremendous opportunity to understand whether the broker is worth partnering with or not.

As a forex trader, you may have hundreds of questions at the back of your mind while depositing funds into your account or even initiating a forex transaction. You could also be thinking of changing your position in the market or may simply be interested in learning more about the right forex instruments.

Whatever your queries or concerns, there’s no denying the fact that assessing all of this requires one to have a great deal of understanding about the dynamics of the forex market. Here, we’ve tried to present a clear and accurate picture about Australia based Pepperstone forex broker.

Needless to mention, as one of the leading CFD and forex brokers in Australia, Pepperstone offers advanced technology and efficient services to traders around the globe. The broker offers low cost prices across different types of market instruments including CFDs, Commodities and Forex. The platform is highly secure and complies with stringent financial regulations. Additionally, the broker also provides a fast and efficient forex trading platforms including. MetaTrader 4, WebTrader, cTrader and even mobile apps to its clients around the world.

Trading Platforms

Before you finalize a broker, don’t forget to try and test their trading platform. As a forex trader, you have a number of options to choose from as nearly all the brokers provide a safe and efficient trading platform today. However, the Pepperstone trading platform is quite simple and convenient to use. In fact, their platform is innovatively designed to offer performance of the highest levels and standards.

The Pepperstone platform is undoubtedly the best choice for traders who’re constantly searching for increased opportunities for successful trading. Remember, a reliable trading platform is not only easy to use but also offers a number of features to its traders in terms of trading accounts, real-time charts, live quotes, news and analysis and more. This is exactly where Pepperstone is way ahead of its competitors. The broker offers a good number of features and options to traders, allowing them to make quick and profitable trading investments and decisions. Below, take a sneak peek at what Pepperstone offers to its traders in terms of trading platforms and related services.

It must be noted that the broker offers unique and easy to operate trading accounts to its clients. While, the Edge Standard Account has been specifically designed for regular traders and utilizes international level STP spreads with no commissions, the Edge Razor account is for advanced level and EA forex traders. This account utilizes RAW ECN spreads starting from 0.1 pips and charges $3.5 commissions for over 1000 trades. Additionally, Pepperstone also offers a Platinum account to its active traders as well as institutional partners. It also offers high level of services and superior ECN Edge execution to their clients. It is basically a segregated account wherein the trader is provided with a dedicated and professional relationship manager. Thus, Pepperstone clients can make the most of a wide variety of assets including commodities and currencies.

Another factor that traders usually consider at the time of choosing a broker is whether they have an effective and easy to use demo account or not. When our expert financial traders created a demo account with Pepperstone, they discovered that the broker offers decent features and options to newbie traders. Remember, traders who’re new to forex trading benefit from opening and using a demo account, as it allows them to place a couple of trades using practice money. This further enables them in determining whether they’re good or bad at trading as well as analyzing the market.

During the process, we realized that it was easy to open a demo account with the broker. In fact, a trader simply needs to download the MT4 trading terminal provided by the broker and later select the Pepperstone-Demo server to go to the next step. This way they can have their demo account set up quickly and conveniently. However, the only issue with the broker is that they do not permit US clients to trade with them. As per the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission rules and regulations, US traders are not allowed to trade with brokers outside of US and since Pepperstone complies with these regulations, they need to strictly abide by them.

MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5
Pepperstone offers the MT4 platform to its users across the globe. As a result, traders who choose the platform benefit greatly in the form of trading features and options. Apart from offering a fully automated trading platform, the broker also provides forex charts, live quotes, news & analysis as well as other tools for managing orders and executing them appropriately. This automatically puts the traders in a suitable position for trading and further aids them in assessing the market conditions and environment appropriately. Pepperstone also provides forex traders with the option of using forex indicators in addition to consulting expert forex advisors for any trading related advice or suggestions.
Pepperstone MT4 Web Platform
As part of their MT4 Web platform, the broker offers a number of exciting and advanced features to forex traders including Market Watch Window, multiple order types, Navigator Window, 85 pre-installed indicators, multiple chart setups, analysis tools as well as automated trading. In addition to this, Pepperstone also has the MetaTrader 5 platform for traders who’re keen to make more money through online trading.
Pepperstone also has the cTrader forex platform for traders in all parts of the globe. As one of the leading and innovative ECN trading platforms, Pepperstone’s cTrader platform allows clients to access their entire liquidity range through its banking providers including Goldman Sachs, UBS, JP Morgan Chase, Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley. This not only provides traders with the lowest possible spreads but also ensures that they enjoy the best possible pricing in the forex market. Even the cTrader Web platform, provided by the broker offers a host of features such as Level II pricing, automated trading, detachable charts, advanced user interfaces as well as forex charting techniques and back testing options.
Mobile Apps
Another prominent aspect of their trading account is that it can be easily accessed over mobile. Users can conveniently access Pepperstone mobile applications via iPads, iPhones, androids smartphones and tablets. Users can easily download these apps via iTunes-The Appstore from Apple. These apps are not only user friendly but also offer comprehensive trading features and options, in addition to advanced forex charting and live quotes.
Pepperstone’s Webtrader platform offers traders with access to the Metatrader 4 accounts created by them, using the web. Users do not require any installation or downloading and the web platform functions well with almost every OS including that of Linux, Windows and MacOSX. The platform also provides traders with access to forex charts in real time. These charts also contain accurate forex analysis as well as indicators, which further help traders in making the right market moves and earning profits in the long run. However, the Webtrader platform is meant for the Demo and Edge live accounts only.

Trading Conditions

Trading conditions are also vital to picking a forex broker. However, trading conditions are determined by numerous aspects such as the spreads, leverage and speed of executing transactions. In Pepperstone’s case, the forex broker offers the lowest possible spreads and leverage up to 500:1. The broker aims to offer institutional level trading services to online traders. Thus, apart from doing away with complicated and confusing account types and structures, they offer quick executions and hassle-free trading options to their clients. Also, traders need to deposit a minimum of $200 USD or an equal amount in another currency, to open and operate an account with Pepperstone.

They also have the best of technologies for traders, which only make trading simple and easy for them. Pepperstone has an excellent reputation when it comes to offering trading services. Their platform is transparent and efficient. They’re always looking for different ways to serve their traders and offer everything in their capacity to make forex trading a quick and hassle-free procedure for both professional and new traders. Let’s find out whether Pepperstone offers appropriate trading conditions for traders or not.

The spread is essentially the difference between the bid and ask price in the quotes provided by the market. Pepperstone’s spreads are tight when compared to other forex brokers. The broker offers variable spreads along with forex quotes from around twenty two leading banks and electronic crossing networks. In fact, when the market is liquid, their spreads can drop down to as little as 0 pips on EUR/USD. Additionally, their cTrader Razor account offers commissions in accordance with the currency being traded instead of the currency that was deposited into the account.
With as many as seventy seven instruments for trading, the broker offers 500:1 leverage.
Execution Speed
Pepperstone’s execution speed is fast and efficient. The broker offers prices from as many as twenty two banks as well as liquidity providing companies. Their trade execution speed is as low as 0.05 of a second and is settled instantly as well. Thus, there is absolutely no delay, rejection and requoting from the broker.

Deposits and Withdrawals

With a number of forex brokers offering trading options and features to its traders, it is crucial that they pick a platform that allows them to deposit and withdraw cash quickly and conveniently. Remember, you may require cash on an emergency basis. In fact, you may need funds to meet your financial targets or to pay for your medical bills and expenses. Whatever your reasons for raising funds, it is impertinent for your broker to be able to provide your money to you without any delay. While, brokers don’t have any issues in accepting deposits from traders, they usually take a lot of time when it comes to processing withdrawals.

With Pepperstone, you won’t face any issues when it comes to depositing money as the trader offers a number of funding options including Visa, Mastercard, Credit card, PayPal, Poli and China Union Pay among other options. On the other hand, the broker takes around three to five days of time when it comes to processing withdrawals. Let’s find out more about their deposit and withdrawal methods and procedures below.

Deposit/Withdrawal Methods
The broker allows traders to open forex trading accounts and deposit money in different forex currencies including Australian Dollar, United States Dollar, British Pound Sterling, Canadian Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen, New Zealand Dollar, Swiss Franc, Hong Kong Dollar and Singapore Dollar. Traders can use Visa, MasterCard SecureCode, Credit /Debit Card, PayPal, POLi, China Union Pay, Bank Transfer (Domestic & International), BPay, Neteller, Qiwi, Fasapay and Skrill for depositing cash. Also, the broker doesn’t charge any internal fee for depositing or withdrawing cash. But payments from and to international banks may require transfer fee payments.
Speed of Deposits/Withdrawals
Withdrawals, on the other hand are done by filling in an online form. Also withdrawals made via bank wire transfer usually take around 3-5 days of time. Withdrawals made by bank wire transfer usually take 3-5 working days to reach your account. In case the forex account was funded through credit card and if the withdrawal is done within sixty days, then the withdrawal will be processed through a refund, which would be credited to the same credit card. Also, the funds can be returned to a bank account in a joint name or the same name as the trading account, as per the 3rd party regulations.

Regulation and Compliance

When it comes to forex trading, traders must ensure that they open accounts with brokers who provide a safe and secure platform for trading forex. This not only helps them in operating safely but also ensures that the broker is reliable and will resolve any disputes legally. Traders must understand that they’re responsible for their funds and hence they cannot trust any broker without confirming whether they’re duly supported and monitored by an appropriate regulatory body. Pepperstone is authorized as well as regulated by the FCA, the Financial Conduct Authority, which ensures that brokers meet stringent guidelines and also comply with appropriate internal processes such as risk management, training staff, audits and accountings.

ASIC Regulation
Pepperstone is regulated and authorized by ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission). ASIC demands financial services organizations meet stringent capital parameters and also implement and comply with internal processes.
Segregated Accounts
Another advantage with Pepperstone is that any cash deposited by the trader, is directly transferred into a segregated account, held by the National Australia Bank, HSBC and Barclays Bank.

Customer Support

Forex brokers are emphasizing that they offer 100% customer support and services to their clients in order to ensure that they enjoy smooth and hassle-free trading. As a trader, you may have several queries regarding trading and transactions for which you may need the services of a customer service representative. Someone, who not only shares all the necessary information with you but also resolves all the queries, issues and disputes appropriately. With Pepperstone, you won’t face any issues in terms of finding answers to all your queries. The broker offers 24 hours support to its customers through chat and email. In fact, traders can easily contact the broker over the phone in English or another customer care professional at their Shanghai branch, who excels at speaking in Chinese. Apart from this, Pepperstone can also be reached at its Texas office in America.

Live Chat
Pepperstone’s Live Chat feature is both fast and responsive. Traders are not required to make a lot of effort to connect with the customer support desk. Once on the website, they can easily connect with a customer support representative at their Sydney office anytime during the day. When we tried using the customer Live Chat feature, we could do it without much effort. The representative also provided us with answers to all our queries and issues. As a forex trader, you’re looking for exactly this kind of support and Pepperstone definitely does a good job here.
Contact Mediums
Pepperstone is highly efficient when it comes to supporting its clients. Users can easily contact the broker over the phone on multiple numbers. Apart from this, traders can also send fax and emails to the broker. This again, is a huge benefit for brokers who need to reach out to the broker anytime, anywhere.

Trading Education

In addition to offering exciting trading features and services, forex brokers need to ensure that their users have adequate knowledge and information regarding forex trading. But remember having appropriate trading information and knowledge does not imply that you’ll start incurring profits instantly. However, it is certainly an important aspect for traders who wish to keep themselves updated around forex trends, methods, news & views.

This is one of the major reasons why more and more brokers are looking to provide their clients with accurate and updated trading information and education. Forex educational materials and information not only enable traders to make informed decisions, but also helps them in understanding the basics of trading. In fact, trading educational materials are extremely helpful for newbie traders who have very little information about forex trading. It helps them in opening and closing their trade positions in addition to earning higher profits in the long run.

This is one area where Pepperstone definitely offers a lot to its clients. The broker offers a wide variety of trading materials and information to both beginners and professional traders.

Market Analysis

While forex news, market reviews and previews are updated on a daily basis, the broker also has a special calendar that allows traders to keep track of any upcoming programme or event. Additionally, there are more than fifty instructional write ups for traders who intend to learn more about the forex market and trading methods. To help traders understand forex terminologies, traders can also check the glossary provided on the Pepperstone website. The broker has also partnered with trading professionals and experts such as Boris Schlossberg as well as Kathy Lien who further offer weekly forex market reports and reviews to traders. Additionally, they also offer regular webinars for forex traders.

Apart from this, traders can also access their ‘learn to trade’ section wherein they can search for information that is easy to comprehend. This section throws light on trading methods, fundamentals, technical analysis and techniques. It also provides ample clarification around forex technical indicators as well as the major components that you would require to start trading on your own.

The ‘What is Forex’ section on Pepperstone’s website will provide you with in-depth information around the forex market. Traders can find out about the advantages of trading forex and the risks associated with trading currencies. Additionally, traders can also refer to this section to determine how the forex market operates on a daily basis. Another section that is worth the traders’ time and attention is the ‘Fundamental and Technical Analysis’ section of the website. This section discusses trading concepts and also offers tips on trading forex with the trend.

In a nutshell, Pepperstone offers a comprehensive and easy to use trading platform for traders in Australia and other parts of the world. Apart from offering fast execution and low spreads, the broker also offers exceptional customer support services to its clients. This enables them to trust Pepperstone for all their queries and grievances. As a leading and highly reputed forex broker, Pepperstone offers a host of trading features and services to its clients. They’re also duly regulated by relevant regulatory authorities, which make their trading platform both trustworthy and safe to use.